Octopus Computing API
This API allows customers to list, create, and perform actions on Octopus Computing VPS server instances. BETA

Requests and Authentication

  • URL: Requests are made over HTTPS to https://octopus.com.au/api/
  • Format: Request and response body data is in JSON format. Ensure the Accept: and Content-type: HTTP headers are set to application/json
  • Authentication: must be done via HTTP BASIC auth. Use an account listed in your user accounts control panel section which has the "API user" option enabled. Use the displayed API key as the HTTP password.
  • Responses: a successful request is returned with a HTTP 2xx status. Errors in the request that are a result of invalid or missing data are replied with a HTTP 4xx response.

Top-level API sections:

  • GET /api/images (lists the available image types for cloning to new servers)
  • GET /api/flavors (lists the available flavors for servers, affecting size and price)
  • GET /api/servers (lists all the servers in this account)